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Sattvic music for yoga practice  




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Music has the power to create and sustain moods.  As many musicians (including myself) use the creative process to express and sometimes purge emotional experience, it can be hard to find music that fosters a tranquil, even-tempered state of mind.  There are many contemplative practices that promote a feeling of tranquility or well being, such as mindfulness, yoga asana, meditation, bhakti, and study of spiritual texts.
When we first come to our practice, our minds are often too active (rajas energy) or too tired (tamas energy) to move immediately into alert absorption. When rajas or tamas dominate, single-pointed concentration is very difficult to achieve.  For this reason, an asana practice sometimes begins with warmups, sun salutations, or restorative poses.  As the mind becomes calmer, clearer, and more alert, sattva energy begins to dominate, which is accompanied by a host of benefits, though sattva is not an end in itself.
The music I offer here begins with brief, somewhat lively motifs in order to guide the mind from a distracted state into tranquility.  They progress into ever more spacious fields of sound to support the mind as it becomes clear as sattva is revealed.  As such, you may like them for yoga practice, calming background music, or anytime a sattvic atmosphere is desired. 
You may stream them here in their entirety for free (they’re over 30 minutes each), or download them.